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Viper Keycaps (10 Keycap Set)


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Keycap Details:

• Material: PBT
• Height: OEM height
• Suitable for: Standard mechanical keyboards


Calling all Viper mains! Personalise your mechanical keyboard with our Viper keycaps. Explore our collection of Valorant Agent keycaps to find your favourite. Each keycap is made from PBT polymer to give you the highest quality gaming experience.


A Unique Way to Customise Your Keyboard!


Our excellent quality mechanical keycaps are the perfect way to bring your keyboard to life.


Simple and creative! Add the finishing touches to your set-up with keycaps from your favourite anime or video games.


Why Funkeyzz Are For You


Simple set up – No additional parts required. Pull your old key off your mechanical keyboard and place down your new Funkeyzz on the Cherry MX mount left behind!

Exclusive Designs – We produce awesome designs from anime and video games that you can’t find anywhere else!


Funkify Your Keyboard!

Compatibility – All Funkeyzz are made for Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboards the most common keyboards available. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

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